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Providing Website design in Malta. NMS is a Malta based company specialised in web design and graphic design projects.

Content Management System Functionality

The content management system is very flexible allowing an administrator to perform the following tasks:

  1. Add/edit/remove text, images and videos (including integration with Youtube) in page content (using WYSIWYG). Images are selected from a library which has the ability to easily upload files on the server via the Image Manager. You can also include iframes which come handy when integrating with Youtube and Google maps.
  2. Content Management Functionality / ToolsAdd/edit/remove web pages from the website. Pages can be associated with different user rights and with a set validity period. Editing of web pages is very simple with the inline Edit functionality (available to an administrator only) available on each web page.
  3. Add/edit/remove picture galleries with automatic thumbnail generation, Ajax preview and slideshow for each gallery.
  4. Add/edit/remove news and special offers (applicable to product oriented websites) on the front page with read more capabilities.
  5. Add/edit/remove top menus and side menu items. Menu items can be drilled down to 3 levels and can be linked to internal pages or external URLs/links.
  6. Add/edit/remove footer links gives you the ability to manage the footer links by choosing the number of lines and sections. Linking can be done to internal web pages and/or external websites.
  7. Add/edit/remove links/resources to other websites. Linking to other websites is important for SEO and this tool gives you the ability to easily manage your links and publications.
  8. Add/edit/remove forums or blogs to be able to create discussions with the option of allowing visitors or registered users to comment or participate in the discussion.
  9. Add/edit/remove forum or blog posts by members or registered users including moderation tools.
  10. Supports different languages (multilingual). Currently the CMS has been configured with English, Maltese, Russian and Italian.
  11. Dedicated File Manager and Image Manager. The file manager allows members to share documents and images on the server as if they are using Windows Explorer. It can be used to upload documents to be viewed on the website or as a document repository. The image manager allows the editor to manage the images on the portal.
  12. Unlimited creation of pages, galleries, links, footer links and menus.
  13. Ability to have a Guestbook with administrative rights.
  14. The system accommodates for a Registration system and login. This will be used by the administrator to manage the website but can be used by members or users to register to the website. This will be setup as required during the configuration of the system. A Forgot Password and management of your account pages in built in the functionality.
  15. Ability to set a validity period with a date range and user rights to each page, forum, menus etc.
  16. Standard Contact Us showing contact details and a contact form and About Us pages are available.
  17. Automatic generation of a Sitemap page mainly targeting SEO.
  18. All pages are indexed for easy searching using the in-built Search Facility. This tool is flexible and effective to easily find pages across the portal.
  19. Social Network Integration as required such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter. In each case various options are available depending on the needs of your requirements.
  20. Add/edit/remove Events with automatic integration into a calendar situated on your website.  You can add the date, time and location so your customers are updated with your events.
  21. Management of your keywords and links for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).Social Network Integration
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