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Providing Website design in Malta. NMS is a Malta based company specialised in web design and graphic design projects.

Web Design Malta

Web Design MaltaWebsites, like any other IT service, have evolved over a short period of time.  In the past, having a website in Malta was considered to be a luxury and only a few businesses could afford it.  Over time, the cost to design a website went down and therefore made it possible for almost every business to have an online presence.  However typically these websites were static and could only be updated by the web designer - thus websites where typically left unattended for a number of years.  Luckily, with the evolution of devices and software, the situation is so much better nowadays! 

First and foremost all websites come with a Content Management System (CMS) which allows any user to keep his website updated without the need to have any special skills - it is as easy as using a word processor. In fact, CMS are designed with the objective of having an easy-to-use portal where users can create or maintain their content.

Secondly the technology has made it possible to easily create effects and transitions which enhance the users' experience when using the internet.  This technology was unthinkable up to a few years ago and today it has become an industry standard.

We are curious to discover how this evolution will progress and what's next!

We offer various CMS packages based on your requirements and business functionality.  With our packages starting from €300 (all inclusive), anyone can afford a website for his business.  You can read more about our CMS or you may contact us for more information or for a demo.

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