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Does your business feature on Google Maps?

There was a time when in order to show the location of your business / shop, you had to design your own map which would typically include instructions on how to arrive to your premises.  This map would also include known landmarks to make it easier for your customer to find his way.

Of course that period has long gone after Google launched Google Maps - now users except to find an 'interactive' map which allows them to scroll the map as required to better understand the location.  Moreover, your customers now want to find your location on their smartphone or tablet and some might even follow the navigation instructions.  Google Maps (similar to the one on this page) allows your customer to find your location on any device connected to the internet and they can zoom in and out of the location and even plan the route before visiting.  Your customers will not get lost or will not phone you in the middle of nowhere asking you how to arrive to your premises.

In addition to benefits to your customers, having a presence on Google Maps helps with Search Engine Optimisation - therefore to get your website in top positions of search results.  We therefore strongly recommend to list your business on Google Maps.  We would be glad to assist in setting up your business as a Google Place.  In addition, if you are an NMS designs client and you have our Content Management System then you can easily add a map to your web pages via the existing functionality.

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Date: 07-02-2013 10:07 by Neville Micallef [Google+] Back to all news